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My best pal ever since I can remember.

Ganapathi is his name. But that's not what we all call him. Dad used to play music all the time at home. There was this song "Mera naam hai chunchun chu, chunchun chu ... ". When 2 years young, I was in love with this song. So I decided to call him by that name : "chunchu" when he ws not even 3 months old. The rest of the family followed. He feels very funny when others call him by that name. But we all love it.

He was one of the most wonderful looking kid when he was around 2 years old. Today, he is much bigger than me. Taller and fatter. He is HUGE, and so is his heart.

My earliest memories of him was when he was born, my dad took me to the hospital and told me "Look, he is your lil brother". I was 2 years young then, too young to know what was going around. There was this heavenly smile across his face every time he'd look at me. I guess, it was his way of telling me "Heee hee hee, my big brother, you look like a duck even today".

He was my companion in everything I did in my life. I wanted to build a car when I was 13 and he was the only person who thought that I was not crazy. He stood by me and gave me company for everything. He always felt that his big brother would build him a big toy, on which he could play. My dad would laugh his heart out. I never ceased to amaze him with my big talks. Still, he was our main source of technical information. We always ran to him for help and he'd gladly pass on his vast knowledge to us. After school chunchu and me would run upstairs to plan out how we'd go about building a small car. We planned and planned and planned and planned .... we always planned. My brother would simply nod his head for everything I said. Obviously, his big toy was turning out to be even bigger everyday. His hopes grew as days went by. We always planned. But, nothing really happened. Its because, dad simply refused to finance our ambitious project. But I am so grateful to my brother for being there, every time I had something crap to say. He gave me company and I gave him hope and someone he could reach out to. We always and still live like that.

There's lots more to talk about him. Today, he has come a long way. He joined merchant navy last year (1997) simply because of his love for ships. He has a lot of interesting stories under his belt to tell about his travels on his ship.

His other interest's lie in sleeping, eating, reading ( especially world war II stories), watching cartoon network, movies, music and loafing around with his crazy pals.

He comes home once in 18 - 20 months and warms all our hearts. He's so damn terribly missed.




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