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Well, what do I tell you about her. She is as crazy as I am and loves me as much as I love her. But that does not really sum up everything about her. Read more .....

We met for the first time in college and really started talking crazily to each other during our first trek to Kudremukh. It was then I realised that she wasnt like any other cry baby girl. In time, I always made it a point to talk to her as much as I could. Our talks were different. I simple could not keep myself away from bugging her all the time. I had hit a gold mine and she was truly in trouble.

She was so damn good in studies. She knew lots more things than I did. It could be because, she studied a lot of books, while I never did. She wasnt a mug pot. But she always made an effort to really understand what she was working on. This has made her sucessful in life. Today shes working in a wonderful job at PSI. She works in a area she loves the most, device drivers and networking on NT. Always engrossed in her job, she always has a story to tell me every night on what she did today.

After my mom, she's the best cook in the world. She's still learning, but I know I am truly lucky to have a wife who can make wonders at the kitchen.

Maybe, we get along so well, its because we feel the same on a lot of things. She loved adventure sports as much as I did. Be it photography, Africa, interests ..... most of the things. We think alike. Today, She's happily married to me [ :-) ] and she can only thank her stars for that.



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