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He is the biggest influence in my life. To me, no one could be greater than him.

His story was a classic tale of a person leaving his small hometown in Pali ( Goa ) for a better life in a bigger city. His gamble and hard work paid off.  Today he has built a small empire with business scattered over 3 cities and 7-8 businesses. There's so much that can be written about him. But for people who knew him, knew his capability. Its 50 years since he started. He never stopped trying till the end. He worked hard for whatever he believed in. Failed in some and who in some. He never stopped trying. A true optimist he was.

I always used to get what I used to ask him. After all, I was one of his fave grandchildren. Summer holidays, is what we cousins always waited for. It was time to spend time in Grandpa's home. Grandma had some wonderful dishes cooked for all of us. We all were dirty pigs at the way in which we used to hog. We'd play the whole day, fight the whole day and make a mess of Grandma's home.

He'd always wish that I'd become an engineer. I knew he'd do anything for that. Sadly, he never lived long enough to see me graduate. I wished he was around. He died in the summer 92, when I was 19 years old. It was one of my worst days. I can never forget that. He left a lot behind.

My memories with him is very little, for I could spend very little time with him. But the very little he has left behind for me is something I will treasure and remember. He is by biggest inspiration. I have, am and always will look up to him.




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