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This is a BIG page. These are the list of all my good pals who, inspite of me being what I am, still manage to stick by me. Its a wonder that we've come so far. We had lotsa fun with each other. Many cherished memories.


Vj is my oldest and my best buddy. A crazy nut in his own way, we never stopped running out of big ideas and dreams.

I met him for the first time in a computer learning institute during our younger days. I think we were there to learn Lotus 1-2-3. But we kicked off when we were around 18. We had a big gang of football crazy maniacs and we'd play every evening on this lil ground, big enough to house 3 huts. I'd make sure that Vj was always in my team. We had this idea that he'd run from the right plank and I'd be close to the left goal post. He'd pass me in all I had to do was to tap the ball in. Our idea worked. I scored many goals this way. We never changed our plan. We were a great team.

He was a guy with a lot of energy, not knowing where to dissipate them. Ii was his closest target. I'd introduce him to music and convinced him that listening Pink Floyd was as great as Heroine. In a month we knew every line and tune from "The Wall". He was damn excited. But, my passion for music could drive him crazy at times. My new tapes always went to Vj for reviews. But, he was the least bit interested. He preferred to stick to Eagles and Pink Floyd. He went for guitar classes and had a 4 man band that lasted for 2 weeks. They had one show where I think they played the classics from Beetles. Vj's big gig ended there.

He never stopped writing poetry. He'd live on Shakespeare. I thought he was crazy. So did he. I love his poems. They'd be in sync with my ideas and thoughts. I ended up being a lousy poet. Everybody would roll on the floor reading them. That was the best I could achieve.

Sometime in 1992-93, he gave me a news that hit me real hard. He had decided to run away to Russia to peruse his further studies. I wanted to hold him back. But his wings were too strong. He flew away. He visited India twice after that. Once for a casual visit and the other for his wedding. Today he is happily married to Rekha and is gonna be a big dad soon.

We still do mail each other. We still have our ideas and dreams. The "Great Indian dream", maybe. He still laughs when he thinks of me.


This is my trigent gang. First lemme introduce you all my colorful Comrades  ( Most of them will be angry on what I will have written about them, but believe me, that how they all are ) :

Girish ( Giri ) He was my first buddy in Trigent. He introduced me to everybody around. He'd say "This guy is crazy about trekking. If you dont find him around, you'd find him in the jungle".  

He has a scooter that is difficult to start and even worse to stop. He passed out of BMS college in Blore and was always on the false notion that it was rated as one among the best. He was one of the very few lucky guys to have got into Melton Foundation, hence traveled all around the world met many friends. He still wears the Melton T-shirt, something is is proud of. 

He spends his time reading crazy stuff, watching TV and Tamil movies. An extremely brilliant chap who sleeps like a log all day all night. Where did he learn to be so damn lazy ? Meeeee ??

( Shashi )
"GYAN, stop irritating, go ... go do your work". Those were her most frequently used words.  

Did I tell you this : She had this funny vehicle that resembled very close to an Kinetic Honda. She'd zoooom like Doohan at his best. We'd always loose track of her and leave her alone. We always envied at the rate in which she used to type. Trrrrrrrrrr .... and she would have typed 10 pages in a blink of an eye. Maybe the fastest in the world.  

Shes now married to Anil and is in US - North Carolina. I do hear from her quite often. 

( Pashi )
The guy who has the most number of humor in his bag. One hell lotta honest guy in everything he did. That's maybe why we were never in sync. 

If I remember, one of his major success stories was managing to ride my bike till the center of Bangalore. I had never seen him so excited in life. He is right now in US and has bought himself a car ( I presume ). He manages to drive at 20 mph and still go straight.   

His knowledge in Hindi music is HUGE. He seems to know every song sung in this country since 200 BC.

Pulak  He's got only bad memories with me and often curses me.  

When we worked together, we had this Tom and Jerry game. He had this habit of pulling my hair and twisting and Turing my head in all directions. Bugger would then run away. I'd then go in search of him. We'll it aint used to be in that order all the time. 

Along with Giri, he had a bike that looked quite ridiculous, until he was forced to sell it off. It was as small as a mouse.

Chaya My oldest pal in the gang and also the most beautiful. 

She had this unusual way of watching stars. She'd have a doubt and do nothing about it ( that's what it seems ). Suddenly out of the blue, 10 characters would be typed and then shed be back watching stars. 

She happens to be my wife's best pal since college. They'd crash up at one of their places to do some hard hitting studies. Actually that ws all they were known for since college days. They'd whisper something to each other and have a big laugh.

Namitha Ha ... shes one person everybody should know. 

She has been known by everybody as Aish Rai's twin, for her beautiful looks. But theres more than looks that she has. Her sense of Humor is what we appreciate the most in her. The name is enough to bring in a smile on our face. 

The most hair-raising even you can encounter with her is by sitting behind her on her 2 wheeler. She drives so slowly that you will never know when you will run out of balance and fall down. I guess by now she wou;d have crossed the starter's level. 

Roopa Roopa is currently married and having fun in singapore. 

An Y2K wizard, she prefers to smile all the time until we all meet.  

On Feb 11 1997, a spaceship landed in front of Trigent Software and out came Aru. Her blinking eyes were shining and so was the machine behind her. She hopped right up to me and said "How dee doo ..... my name is Arooo ". I was amused, for I had never seen something like this before.  

Recently she had been spotted somewhere near CTP, Bangalore.


Camphy !!!!!! (  GOSH !!! Whata name )

Manju, Raju and RK are one of my closest buddies. I didnt have to spend much time with them to get too close. We were open to each other and were cool about each others talks. All the 3 dumb guys are in US. Got stuck with the dollar bug and flew west. I still do miss their company a lot. I hope, I still do. Hope they will be back soon.


Raju RaviKiran


Vasanth Sudhi and Sahu

My other known friends with whom I have touch often and whose company I love :



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