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The 60's : The decade of the flower child, the birth of hippies, anti-war protest ....... (lots happened then, the greatest decade)  
The times they are a changin 
- Bob Dylan 
Space, the final frontier, ...... 
to go where no man has gone before ... 
- Star Trek 
HAM, SETI and other related stuff ..... 
Hello, Hello, Hello 
Is there anybody in there ... 
Is there anyone home ? 
- "Comfortably Numb", Pink Floyd 
An Apple a day, 
keeps Windows away 
- A common saying 
  Indian Armed forces ( mainly jets, WOW !!) 
"Nabha Spursham Deeptam" 
"Touching the Sky with Glory" 
- IAF's motto 
and others will follow ...... 
Well, the journey ends HERE !!!
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