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I am someone my parents would love to run away from.

Ever since my childhood, I was always curious about everything. My dad was always scared what I would open next.  Be it, what my dad had hidden in the attic ( so that it would be far away from my reach ), to know how the TV worked and to knowing how my dads car worked. My mind was never quiet. I had to open to see how things were inside and how they'd work.

My first experiment was to dismantle my brand new cycle and investigate every part it was made up of. I did that successfully, but couldn't bring it back together. I'd open every working toy given to me, just to know how it worked. I opened my TV for the first time when I was 16. By then I knew, where to search for fuse's, incase they blew out. I discovered parts that I shouldn't go even close to. My learning improved as time. Dad always made sure that the car was locked. He's never know when this crazy son of his would dismantle it. I successfully dismantled his scooter once. He's still not aware of it.

Today, my dad does not trust me with anything. He feels that, anything that's away from me is safe. He was one person with whom I loved to have fights with. I'd bug him to the core. My stupid pranks and sense of humor was something he was never interested in. It all would end when he's thrash me up with the big stick he had kept on the wardrobe.

Other than those, dad seemed to know every clown who dwelled in Mysore. Should I tell him, "Dad, I am looking for this ... this .. this".  He'd then reply, "Hey, you can meet this guy. Tell him that you are my son. He'll help you". It still amazes me, on the number of people he knows in Mysore. Its something I can never match.

Dad started off under my grand-dad in business; retail merchants for automotive and industrial hardware. His knowledge in this business is mind-blowing. He seems to know everything and has an answer to every question put forth to him. Today, he runs is own business.

All that I share with him is our love for cars ,photography and Mysore. He is an ardent traveler too. He knows every road in our state. It sounds crazy when I say this, but it is true. You can never get lost with him on the wheels. He comes next to me, when it comes to "How fast can we drive the car". That's the only place where I can beat him hands down and I am proud of that.

He was, is and will always remain honest in what ever he did and felt for. Sadly, its something I never learnt from him.He is the most wonderful and kindhearted person I have ever known.  We love him a lot and are so proud of everything he did in his life.

Mom has given me all the love and affection this world can offer. If I have come so far in life, it is because of her. She made me love my studies. There was a very different way in which she would teach me a lot of things. It was so different from others.

During her college days she represented her univ in hockey and lucky she was. She traveled all around India till Kashmir. Its something she smiles when she thinks of. She is crazy about everything that happens in the finance ministry and in the stock exchange. She always has very interesting facts to tell me every time I am at home.

To me my parents are much above god and we ( me and my lil brother) love them like hell. We still get pleasure, pulling their legs.




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