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 This is my Hometown 
- Bruce Springsteen 

Well, what do I say about Mysore. It's simply the most beautiful place on this planet. I guess so because I grew up here all my life. But, again, there were a lot more people who came down t my lil town to study or for other things. Today all of them, if they are in Mysore or not, they have lots to remember what it offered to them. It is a place no one can forget. Only those who lived there can understand what I am trying to say. I know when they read this they'd have a smile.

But I have learnt how to enjoy life, living in such a small place. Time passes by, but not as fast as it does in big cities, nor too slow, as in smaller towns. This, maybe one of the factors why people consider it to be such a beautiful place.

I lived there for 20 odd years, each stage of my life being influenced by the environment around me. Today, the color of money and my love for my profession brought me to Bangalore. But still, I am home almost every weekend.

We have a rich history. The Wodeyar palace, the British Raj , Manasa Gangotri University ( I am from JCE. We had loads of fun there ) are just a few things that every Mysorian is proud of. Other know species from Mysore are my wife and my best pal Vj

I will soon bring out another page on Mysore. Its for all those who'd wish to travel, the places to see, the places to eat .... more will come soon.

My home is in Yadavagiri, which maybe is one of the highest points in Mysore. Its cool out there and surroundings, quiet and pleasant. Evenings is the most wonderful time to spend in my home. The sun would lazily set and a cool slow wind would blow across. The breeze, just right. I just sit down on a arm chair relax, sip tea, read books, talk for long hours with my mom.The best time is the rainy season. The smell of the earth is what I enjoy most. 

My best memories is with my brother with whom I have traveled to every corner of my home. It includes the attics, the water tank, places not many would love to be. 

Today the neighborhood is not as it was 20 years back. It has slowly evolved from a quiet place to a more active environment. Old neighbors left, and new have moved in. But my romance with my lil town still continues.


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